Terms and Conditions


You walk up the alley then beneath the red pelmet you swipe your Members Card and enter into a subterranean world of carnival delights.

Here is where an elite 101 Members party with the most exotic and beautiful striptease artists in Western Australia, served top shelf whiskeys, beers, wines and entertainment to stimulate even the most jaded palette.

Everything has to have boundary, everything has to have limit and our room is limited to 165 patrons, therefore if everyone brings more than one guest and everyone attends on one night someone is bound to miss out on something and someone is going to be disappointed.

We plan to avoid disappointment by planning the following Membership Terms & Conditions.


Members may attend the HRR anytime it is open or in the case of Functions the room has been privately reserved. (See opening times further here within).

Every other members only bar or club restricts entry to the members only. However we want you to be able to share your unique HRR experience with your corporate clients, guests or partner whenever you are out on the town. Due to limited space and to keep the carnival atmosphere alive the following terms & conditions apply.

Members and one (1) Guest

  • may attend at any time HRR is open. (See opening times further here within)
  • does not need to book a booth or dancer and if choosing this option may drink with his companion and other
  • Members in the open area at the bar – call ahead to avoid disappointment as the room maybe full, however you can retreat upstairs to the Voodoo Lounge until space is available.

Members and a Group (up to 5 Guests)

  • must ring ahead minimum one (1) hour’s notice to ensure availability of space
  • must engage a dancers companionship whilst the group remains at the HRR
  • call ahead to avoid disappointment as the room maybe full, however you can retreat upstairs to the Voodoo Lounge until space is available.

Members and a Party (up to 10 Guests)

  • must book a booth and min of 2 dancer dancers
  • call ahead to avoid disappointment as the room maybe full, however you can retreat upstairs to the Voodoo Lounge until space is available.

Members and a Function (up to 150 Guests)

  • A Function constitutes more than ten (10) Guests and up to one hundred and fifty (150) drink and entertainment packages are available upon request.


  • Any time between 6pm and 2am Monday/Tuesday and Tuesday/Wednesdays
  • Only between 6pm and 9pm Wednesday to Friday inclusive, or
  • 8pm until 10pm Sundays
  • Saturday nights cannot be booked for Functions
  • Functions can be fully catered (wines, food, entertainment, etc.): speak to our Maître de about the many exciting possibilities.
  • Functions will be costed on each individual basis


Booth seating does not come with your membership fee, this is paid at a separate rate of $150 per hour (discounted members rate). Stool seating and mingling in the general is included in your membership.


  • All Members must open a TAB upon entry to the Venue
  • To open a TAB a Member must tender his Credit Card and Drivers License to the bar tender.
  • A Members TAB may be paid with his credit card or cash.
  • No Split Bills: It is a Members obligation to pay for all drinks and Services ordered on his TAB
  • If a Members Guests wish to contribute to the cost of the Members TAB it is encumbering upon the Member to collect their contribution direct from them.
  • All TABs must be paid in full on the night (unless by prior arrangement and Notice confirmed)



Upon entering and paying the prescribed entry fee you are contractually bound by the following terms and conditions.

  • That Management reserve the right to refuse entry.
  • That you are over the age of eighteen (18) years.
  • That you must be dressed in clean, neat, casual and non-offensive clothing.
  • That you will be denied entry if you appear to be visibly impaired by alcohol.
  • That you will present yourself to the Reception desk and pay the prescribed entry fee.
  • That you do not find nudity or erotic striptease to be either offensive or indecent.
  • That you will act in a polite, friendly and respectful manner to all other patrons, the staff, the security and dancers, and further, will refrain from misogynist language or conduct.
  • That you will vacate the premises when requested to do so by security or management.
  • That you acknowledge all dancers are sub-contractors and as a consequence they are solely responsible for issuing any receipts for lap-dances.
  • If you breach any of these conditions, the management and license holder reserve the right to litigate against you for damages, losses and costs.


Guest means a non-Member who enters the HRR in the company of a Member

Group means up to five (5) guests who enter the HRR in the company of a Member

Party means up to nine (9) guests who enter the HRR in the company of a Member

Function means when a member hires the entire room for an exclusive function (may include specialty food and additional entertainment etc.)

Booth Seating means paying the Booth Fee to retain one of the plush button seats with curtains to spend time with a Private Dancer.

Booth Fee means a fee, which is charged for the Services provided by the Dancers

Private Dancer means a Voodoo Dancer with whom a Member secures a private Booth Seating Area to spend time together

Hostessing means a Dancer who provides conversation, explains entertainment options and performs a lap-dance for a Member all inclusive of the Set Rate

Lap-Dance means a one-on-one performance whereby a Dancer performs a striptease routine to nude for the Member or his Guests utilising his physical lap as a stage prop.

Maître de means the Overall Manager of Dancers (Recruitment and Training)

Floor Supervisor means HRR floor manager and supervisor

Membership Card means the swipe card issued to a Member which contains his personal information and permits him entry through the HRR automated entry door.

Notice means an email, phone call or SMS message sent to and received (acknowledged receipt) to the venue or Maître de when seeking permission to bring a Group or Party to the Venue or making a booking for a Function or other specific request.

Venue means the High Roller Room located downstairs at 174 James Street, Northbridge that is a part of the Blue to the Bone Nightclub License.

Set Rate means the hourly rate set for a Dancer to provide Services.

Services means Hostessing, lap-dances, striptease, entertainment or Private Dances with a Member

TAB means the expenses run up by a Member for the bar, Hostesses, entertainment or other services on each occasion of visiting the Venue

HRR means High Roller Room located at 174 James Street (downstairs), Northbridge, Perth, Western Australia

Dancer means on of the many Voodoo Lounger erotic dancers on roster who rotate through the HRR and provide the services

Members Card means an electronic swipe card, which contains the Members details and used to gain Swipe Entry, record his TAB and gain entry upstairs to the Voodoo Lounge.

Swipe Entry means the Member gaining immediate entry to the HRR, by swiping his Members Card at the card reader, which is located next to the exclusive Members only Access Door

Side Access Door means the Members only door situated at the side of the Venue in Mountain Terrace.

Voodoo Lounge means the upstairs venue by that name.