• Included in your membership fee of $3500 you will receive a bottle of spirits from our “First Pour” choices. (This is subject to change please talk to your Maître-De about what is available at your time of signing).
  • There is a condition on this bottle of alcohol provided to meet RGL (Racing, Gaming and Liquor) RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) please respect that we operate our service of alcohol strictly by these guidelines. Failure to comply with these terms & conditions can result in cancellation of membership and removal from venue.
  • Your bottle can only be served to you by a waitress you are not allowed to pour your own drinks.
  • Your bottle will at all times have a safety topper with lock to ensure consumption is met by RSA standards.
  • If you do not consume the bottle of spirits within that month you will lose what is left at the end of the month. However when you come back you will be entitled for a fresh bottle of spirits by your choice to fill your monthly entitlement.
  • You can upgrade your bottle to top shelf by paying the difference this bottle you can keep until it has been consumed, only bottom shelf spirits will be subject to the “if you don’t use you lose” rule.
  • You can only have 3 upgraded spirits in your liquor cabinet at one time.
  • Alcohol is not BYO nor can it be taken off premises.
  • All Post mix Soft drink, Soda Water, Filtered Cold Water, Ice, Lemons, Oranges, Limes and condiments are supplied as part of your membership.
  • A price of $50 can be paid for unlimited Redbull Cans.
  • Usual terms and conditions as posted on entry still apply.

First Pour Choices